Victrola ITNP Y2 Stereo/Mono Stylus


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Replacement 0.7mil stereo/mono diamond stylus ITNP Y2 and for models:
For Model #s ITCDS-6000, ITRR-501, ITUT-5000, ITVS-200B, ITVS-750, ITVS-750B, ITVS-760B, V50-200, VSC-590BT, VTA-200B, VTA-220B, VTA-240B, VTA-245B, VTA-247B, VTA-270B, VTA-280B, VTA-290B, VTA-300B, VTA-320B, VTA-330B, VTA-370B, VTA-600B, VTA-750, VTA-750B, VTA-800B, VTA-810B (All Colors). These high quality ceramic diamond needles will work with all vinyl record sizes 33 1/3 and 45rpm