Musonic Record Cleaning Fluid 250ml + Spray + Cloth


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Vinyl Record Cleaning Fluid 250ml with Spray + Cloth.

Advance record Cleaner that contains special ingredients that deeply penetrate removing dirt, dust, grease & grime from the grooves of your vinyl. Your records will look better but most importantly SOUND better!  Quick, easy to use and super effective. 


Record cleaner actively reduces static & gives your vinyl a gleaming shine! 

  • Highly Effective Unique Formula (specially developed)

  • Made with the finest quality, purified ingredients (many other cleaners can contain impurities & additives that inhibit cleaning power and leave more of a residue)

  • 250ml Bottle (Easily enough fluid to clean 200+ LPs)

  • Large cloth 

  • Anti-static  

  • Anti-bacterial 

  • Leaves no residue 

  • Quick Dry Formula 

  • Easy Spray on Aplicator 

  • 100% safe on Vinyl

  • Made In England