Sonotone (Plessey, Vernitron) 8T4A Stereo Cartridge (copy)


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Original Specifications:
Model: Stereo Ceramic Cartridge complete with LP/78 stylus and 1/2″ universal mounting bracket.
Nominal Output: 114mV (cm/sec) at 1kHz
Minimum Output: 90mV (cm/sec) at 1kHz
Stylus Force: 4.0 – 6.0g
Frequency Response: 100Hz – 10kHz
Separation: Better than 15dB at 1kHz
Channel Difference: Less than 4dB at 1kHz
Element Capacity: 650pf Nominal
Loading per Channel: 2MΩ at 100pf
Measuring Temperature: 20ºC
Tracking: +12dB at 5g (generally +15dB at 5g) (CBS STRIII Band 4B)
Cartridge Dimensions: 33.02mm Long x 15.09mm Wide x 14.35 Deep